ForbesBooks: Master Your Cash Flow: The Key To Grow And Retain Wealth by Albert J. Zdenek Jr CPA/PFS ISBN: 978-1-59932-713-6

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Master Your Cash Flow by Albert J. Zdenek, Jr., CPA/PFS is geared more for a higher income level audience than we normally address via our How to Manage Your Monkey blog.

That being said, we think it is an important read for anyone who hopes to someday get out of the level of hardcore poor and get up to the level of needing a financial advisor.

Let’s face it, our target audience is not made up of the type of people who go out and buy cases of wine that they never open.  Hopefully, our normal audience abstains from any type of intoxicating beverage.

If you are this level of poor, chances are good you are more likely to encounter Wine in a Box than you are any type of wine that actually comes with a cork.

The Author, Albert J. Zdenek, Jr., does give us some insight we can use as we get out of the level of hardcore poor and up to the level of The Millionaire next door.

Mr.  Zdenek implies in some of his lead up to Master Your Cash Flow that he is going to give us some comparisons regarding the choice to purchase or lease a new vehicle.  We were interested to learn what he had to say about this comparison. We were looking for it, but never saw it.

There are some very interesting differences of opinion in the book from what you have heard and will hear on How to Manage Your Monkey.  We take more of a Dave Ramsey approach in that it makes more sense to pay off your mortgage and not have to have the interest payments.

However, Mr. Zdenek makes a compelling case to take out a mortgage and invest the proceeds from said mortgage.  We don’t agree with his philosophy but, let’s face it, he has more money than we have. It might be good to read Master Your Cash Flow and make up your own mind.


Five Star Review


On our scale of zero to five stars with zero being terrible and five being outstanding and a must read, we give Master Your Cash Flow all five stars.


Master Your Cash Flow is very well written.  It is easy to follow and the numbers make sense.

We do, however, suggest that you also read The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley and William D Danko, The Wealthy Barber by David Chilton, Hardcore Poor by Kelly Sangree, and Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey.  All of these books have a slightly different approach to the same question of handling your finances.

One of the best pieces of advice offered in the book, and is repeated often throughout Master Your Cash Flow, is to work with the experts.  No one can be an expert in all areas.

It is very sound to suggest working with your CPA, estate planning attorney, financial planner, and others as you see the need.  Just stay away from taking advice from your brother-in-law Bud.

We were sent a complimentary copy of this book.  We are under no obligation to write any review, positive or negative.

We are disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

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